Yacht Rock to Miami

DJs in Captain’s Hats Steer Yacht Rock to Miami

“…Two middle-aged guys in loud Hawaiian shirts and captain’s hats puff away on pipes in front of a painted backdrop of an ocean. The scene sounds like it could be plucked from a slapstick comedy, right? Throw in a DJ booth on a casino club floor and mixes of ’70sand ’80s soft rock featuring occasional screeching seagulls, and it becomes almost hard to believe.
Introducing an original musical niche: a parody of smooth rock on million-dollar boats, otherwise known as yacht rock. It’s a subculture that mixes a fascination with the easy listening style of laid-back legends such as Steely Dan and Toto, with a serving of self-deprecating irony. The movement emerged in 2003. Thanks to the combined forces of two passionate Miami DJs, the phenomenon is about to make a splash in South Florida.”
Read More… Miami New Times – https://www.miaminewtimes.com/music/alex-gutierrez-and-juan-luv-present-yacht-rock-party-at-casino-miami-10716081
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