Yacht Rock Sails into Miami

Yacht Rock , ( known as Adult oriented Rock at the time ) is a Term and genre coined in  2005 with the You Tube series created by J.D. Ryznar used to describe ” Selected and Certified ” soft rock of the 70s and early 80s. they decide, they rate and that’s that. If they don’t call it Yacht rock , you can’t either. The ” Yacht” Part refers to what  a sophisticated yacht owner would listen to while out for a sail. Just because a song made reference to the ocean or any nautical reference did not make it automatically “Yacht”
Early in 2017 local veteran DJs Juan Luv and Alex Gutierrez began to kick around trhe idea of actually playing this style to audiences as both had done in nightclubs and major events with mainstream music.
Gutierrez. ” As  DJs our main goal was a packed dance floor , now were going to play music that in most cases couldn’t be danced to”
Luv. ” We had to present this to audiences in a way that would be appealing. Visually we decided to go with the Captain’s hat, tropical shirts, something that would tie it all together. If you walk into a place and hear a couple of guys playing this music in T shirts and jeans it would mean nothing”
Slowly the look and sound came toget