Timbalive – Consumelo

Timbalive was created in Miami on 2008 by percussionist Leo Garcia after a concert to honor Juan Formell. Timbalive debuted from Miami in Havana in 2009.

The group’s latest album is Consumelo (2019)

Album made with great passion and dedication, where great exponents of our popular music participated worldwide.

Issac Delgado, Mayito Rivera, Emilio Frias, Rubén Bulnes, Jose Pepito Gomez GPi, Dayan Carrera Fernandez, CESAR “PUPPY” PEDROSO, ADONIS PHANTER Y OSAIN DEL MONTE and many more…

Artist: Timbalive Ff Mayito Rivera & Osain Del Monte
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The Timbalive proyect burst into the music scene in Miami in August 2008, created by Leo Garcia (Director, Timbals, Vocals), offering the best of Cuban Music with a mix of different rhytms from around the world and sophinsticated production techniques, offering a spectacular live show.
Timbalive is a group of Miami, and all membersare highly trained musicians from music schools in Cuba, some of them have played with the better known around the world as Amaury Gutierrez, Willy Chirino, Albita Rodriguez, Isaac Delgado, Manolin (doctor of Salsa), Group Afrocuba, Carlos Manuel, Luis Enrique, Rey Ruiz, Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, Paulo FG, Clave y Guaguanco, Oscar de Leon … and have come together to realize their musical dream, the largest and most successful group of Timba United States and the world.

In May 2009 Timbalive began recording his first album with the musical production of Bayron Ramos (trombone / arrangements / music production) and executive producer Leo Garcia (Director, Timbales, Vocals / Executive production), with songs of their own inspiration and other composers such as Juan Formel and Amaury Gutierrez. The new album, “From Miami a la Habana” is available since November 2009.

This album was recorded in Miami, Spain and Cuba with the participation of Cuban musicians in and outside the Island.

The song called “From Miami to Habana, was attended by the four times Grammy Award winner, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Issac Delgado, Pedrito Calvo (Van Van) Cuba, Mayito Rivera (Van Van) Cuba, Manolin” Médico El Medico de la Salsa “, Alex Abreu (Havana D’Primera) Cuba, Rapper” The Mola “Br @ ily, Ivan” Melon “Lewis, Roberto Garcia (Cuba) and Norberto Rodriguez. All together musicians from Cuba for one reason, unity and harmony among Cubans, recalling old songs, new songs, and great times together.
Also the great composer and singer Amaury Gutierrez joined Timbalive to make this album even better, singing a song called, “Enredado en tu pelo” (“Tangled in your hair.”)
All these great artists joined Timbalive members to make this album unique and Timbalive one of the most unexpected success in the history of Latin music.

Since the release of his album, Timbalive established itself in the limelight of international music, featuring in the top of the Top 10 around the world, especially in Europe and South America, and ranks number three in sales in the Top 150 Latino. (Www.reyesrecords.com)

In March 2010, Timbalive presented his new work, “Como Miami no Na …” in response to the song of the band Charanga Habanera, “Gozando en la Habana”, playing on the radio and clubs of Miami and the world.
The Radio Station “El Zol 95.7” named Timbalive Song “Como Miami no hay Na”, a revelation of Phone calls, and top 1 song in April/May 2010.

Timbalive has been awarded for Album revelation of the year 2009 in France, and the best album of Timba in Peru.

Today, Timbalive is preparing “From Miami a la Habana European Tour” Starting November 5th and ending in December 20th, including Italy, France, Denmark, Germany and many other countries, then began his tour of the United (Ney York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles), and end in the year 2011 with a tour in Japan and South America.