Cuban Timba is a musical phenomenon that has become one of the most important styles in Miami. Thanks to a fusion of Afro-Cuban genres and rhythms, it has becoming one of the most favorite genres to dance to for Salsa Lovers. Timba at it soul has an influence of “Son” in its musical structure, with many artists incorporating their own style of rhythms and flavors to make it more creative than Classic Salsa.

Thanks to local DJs in Miami that have teamed up to promote and help make this genre popular by playing it at Local Clubs and Venues.

Breaking Timba DJs like DJ Ozz (Ball-n-Chain) and DJ Melao along with DJ Warapo in California

Supporting DJs DJ Duni, DJ Puchy (Efrain) (Casino Miami), DJ Leo Miami (Casino Miami), DJ Cabrera (La Mesa) and many other local DJs that are playing Cuban Timba at local clubs and venues.