Your a DJ, Most of your friends are DJs ( or promoters) The Holidays come around and you are in the giving mood. So, what do you get another DJ friend when the Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2 is slightly over budget? Several considerations come into play, Ok, friendship first, the guy is just a good friend you’ve known for years. In reality your list will be comprised with those names that have given you gigs and referrals on a regular basis , you want that to continue in the coming year, but how much should I spend, and  what do I get?
Gift cards are great especially from your local Pro-shop Guitar Center,
Sam Ash or any other DJ stores in your area.
Gift Certificates from Vinyl Stores are nice if the receiver is a fan of the medium.
Hats, T-Shirts ( except that one that says ” I am Not A Jukebox ” I hate that one )
Backpacks, Gear Bags,cables,  and any miscellaneous accessories always come in handy and won’t break the bank.
The simplest and most useful item recommended by DJ Luis David Rodriguez of the South Florida DJ Association of is a Business card Stand at $4…who doesn’t need one of these
DJ Kelly Flavour says ” You can’t miss with Headphone. External hard drive. 2 × 50ft Xlr cable’s. Wired Microphones”
A subscription to any of the DJ service ( but No sharing ….Uhumm)
So How much Should you spend?
If it’s Close Friend, it’s really up to you, but when you get into the ” Business Associate ” category it can get tricky
A Business Associate in my definition is a guy/gal that actively refers to you on a regular basis with varying frequency. Most guys refer without expecting any percentages . That is something that is agreed upon from the beginning. This is just you , being nice .
$500 – $2000 worth of gigs , a $50 gift would be appropriate. This guy thought of you a couple of times during the year and you should thank him for that. Any small token of your appreciation would be pleasantly unexpected.
If you’ve received more than $2 – 3000 worth of work from an individual a $100- $200 gift is probably acceptable in the form of a gift card or comparable DJ related item. Unless you are familiar with his/her personal likes. This person probably considers you a trusted colleague, maybe even his go-to person. A nice gift will show them that you are grateful.
Over $3000 in referrals , you guys are tight. Show them Love, with a more personal gift, if they have kids buy a little something for them as well. It will pay off in the long run.
Remember it’s the thought that counts, most DJ are not expecting anything from other DJs ( except getting screwed on gigs…Ha Ha just kidding )
Tis the season for giving.
DJ Alex Gutierrez