It looks to us like some of the biggest differences with this controller, is the on Board FXs vs. Serato Effects and loops.

DJs that use CDJs have been using on board Fx for many years and almost never use the Serato effects that much. There has always been a debate about the on Board FXs vs Software FXs. Some swear that on board FX sound cleaner. But we don’t think that’s going to a be a show stopper for this controller. A lot of DJs have been asking Pioneer for this type of controller with the bigger jog wheels similar to the CDJs. Many resellers are already sold out from the first batch and the first 5000 buyers will get free Serato DJ Suite voucher worth $299 (the entire Serato Pro DJ software Suite for Free)

DJ Ricky 305 Talks about his First Experience with the Pioneer DDJ-1000srt

“I just got the DDJ-1000srt last week, if you are used to the Pioneer DDJ-SX or DDJ-SZ then this controller does work very different. Looping was my main issue but I have re-mapped some buttons to make it work for me. Also to use the Serato effects I re-mapped the pads in the slicer tab to launch those effects. Now it’s just practice time. Bc my muscle memory keeps going to were the SX buttons are since I’ve been using that controller for the last 5 years. Overall it’s a great unit”

We asked DJ Ricky305

Is there anything that you’ve noticed that’s different in the DDJ-1000srt?

Looping is very different

Can you tell us about the difference?

FX’s are post fader on the mixer (which I have to test if the effects get recorded back on Serato if you hit record)
There’s no Serato FX button on the controller (I remapped them back in on the slicer tab… I never use that)Overall just muscle memory to get used to it… I’m so used to the DDJ-SX and SZ that I can use them without looking at it.

What exactly is post fader vs pre-fader? for those that are still new to this

So, post fader gets applied after the sound passes the mixer before going to the speakers and pre-fader gets applied before the sound gets to the mixer, like at the laptop level.

Which buttons did you re-map for the loops?

So, the Auto Loop always auto loops to 4 beats and there’s no where on board to change that.

So you have to then change the loop from 4 beats to 8, 16, 32 from the software, having to touch the mouse?

Yes correct, or then to shift up or down to change the loop, you have to use the shift button and the loop in – out button on the controller.  I also re-mapped the censor button to a 1 beat loop, cause I need that for my echo loop outs

We have the feeling that if you’ve been using the DDJ-SX – SZ and then use the DDJ1000 it will feel like you’re going back in time a bit to the CDJs?

Yes, basically it mimic’s the CDJs features

So, it’s like Pioneer went too futuristic with the DDJ-SX and SZ and now had to bring it back a bit for the CDJ Djs to get into controllers?

Well for a club DJ… This is their portable unit, it’s perfect no learning curve.

Is there anything else that you want to say about the unit that’s cool to point out?

I also feel like the shift button is very far away from the loop in – out. I have to figure out how to re-map that so no shift is needed to change the loop beat.
I can always add this Traktor Kontrol X1 that I used in the clubs with the cdjs and problem solved.

Thank you Ricky for this exclusive interview about your first experience with the Pioneer DDJ-1000srt.

You can find more info about DJ Ricky305 on instagram @djricky305

DJ Ralph Sosa sent us this tip
“For those that have the DDJ-1000srt or are looking to purchase it, and also want to add the Serato on bird effects that are lost with the use of the controller, look at this video to assist in mapping in those effects.”