Normandy Fountain March-2020

On Saturday March 23, 2019 there was a unique Salsa Music performance experience at the Normandy Fountain Miami Beach with world known Artist/Musician/Timbal Player Tito Puente Jr. and Miami’s Own DJLeomiami

Introducing an original musical concept of having a live percussionist performing along side a DJ Mixing your favorite Salsa tunes. It’s a blend that gives you that Live performance feeling with a live Dj mixing.

The music was hot and the people, specially the Salsa dancers Maritza Espin and her crew were great. 

It was fun to have the Dancers in front of you teaching all the great Latin Music steps and they created some good routines while everyone followed along. It was a perfect opportunity to burn some calories. The music was on point and having Tito Puente Jr. performing live on stage just gave it a special live musician element and helped you stay on beat.

Salsa Saturdays at the Normandy Fountain idea emerged in 2019 thanks to the joint efforts of KCC Productions and David Sexton

From David Sexton – Thanks to Kimberly Chmura and KCC Productions for being an amazing partner! Thanks to Urban ResourceMary UR Bargagliotti for being our community sponsor and for providing a fun all ages activity tent! Thanks to our LOCAL ONLY vendors; Las Vacas GordasCapri’s Italian Restaurant and Bob’s Your Uncle Miami! We only use local restaurants because these events are about providing opportunities for local businesses, not bringing in competitors. Thanks to the fabulous dancers! Fernando Garcia and Cilia María Ruiz-Paz (also representing Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman!) Thanks to the talented Tito Puente Jr and DJ Leo Perez for bringing the music! And thanks to all the people who came out to support! If you want to stay informed about the Salsa Saturday Events, like us on Facebook: