Maykel Blanco Y Su Salsa Mayor

Aug 15, 2022


Young artist, musician of unequaled talent, worthy and faithful exponent of Cuba in each of his works. Belonging to the generation of Cuban musicians who opted to defend the values ​​of Cuban popular music, while continuing to renew it with a refreshing contemporary sound, making him a unique artist in his class. Maykel Blanco, without a doubt, has achieved with his art and work occupy a prominent place of reference within the Cuban and international musical sphere.
He is distinguished by his high sensitivity and a special human simplicity. In addition, he is not only loved and admired by the people of all generations, but also by musicians who are joined by performers of various genres in our country and abroad. Thus conquering followers all over the world.
Maykel was born in San Leopoldo, a neighborhood of the Centro Habana municipality in the Cuban capital, on January 21, 1981, the year that began a decade of splendor for Cuban popular music. He tells his story that in his childhood home there was a lot of dancing. His parents and uncles belonged to the emblematic troupe “Los Guaracheros de Regla”, an environment in which little Maykel was raised. At an early age he became very interested in music, drawing his attention and following in his footsteps, nothing more and nothing less, than “Los Tambores de Bejucal”. Out of his admiration for this highly prestigious Cuban group, he decided on percussion.

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