MAONOCASTER LITE AM200-S1 All-in-on Microphone Mixer Kit

Recommended by DJ Manuel Padilla


1.All in one and easy to use 2.Specail Effect: Fixed audio effects like:APPLAUSE, LAUGHTER, CHEERING… 3.Born for Live Streaming:supports 2 person, 4 devices and 4 platforms to stream simultaneously 4.Noise & ambient sound cancelling, make your voice pure and clear 5.Built-in lithium battery provides up to 8 hours of usage, convenient for outdoor live broadcast

Mixer Specification

1.Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz 2.Data Transmission:USB-C 3.THD:THD<0.5% 1kHz 4.Headset Output Power:35MW, 32Ω (1KHD+N=1%) 5.Sample Rate:48kHz/16bit 6.Wireless Connection:Bluetooth 5.0 7.Battery Type:Li-Polymer  8.Battery Capacity:1200mAh 9.Charge Parameter:5V/1A 10.Charge Time:Appr. 3h Battery Life:Appr. 8h (Highest keypads brightness) Dimension:L24*W14*H4.2CM(button included

Microphone Specification

1.Microphone-core:Dia.14mm Condenser 2.Polar Pattern:Cardioid 3.Frequency Response:30Hz-16kHz 4.Sensitivity:-38dBA+/-3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz) 5.Maximum SPL:120dB 6.S/N Ratio:70dB 7.Electrical Current:3mA 8.Voltage:1.5V


1.Does it can connect with A04/PM422 usb microphone? No, it can’t connect with USB microphone, only can connect 3.5mm JACK microphone 2.Can you use it if you podcast from your cell phone? Yes, you can

3.It need connect phantom power? No, it don’t need 4.Does it can connect with guita? Yes, but need another adapter if your guita is not 3.5mm JACK