Leslie Cartaya – Relax

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Leslie Cartaya, the talented singer-songwriter, has just released a brand new song! 🎉🎶

Leslie Cartaya, known for her captivating vocals and vibrant musical style, continues to captivate audiences with her incredible talent and heartfelt compositions. Her latest release is bound to be a treat for music lovers around the world.

Titled Relax!, this new track showcases Leslie Cartaya’s exceptional artistry and distinctive sound. From the infectious melodies to the heartfelt lyrics, it’s a testament to her dedication to creating music that touches the soul.

As you listen to Relax!, you’ll be transported by Leslie Cartaya’s rich and dynamic voice, accompanied by the exceptional musicianship and production that characterize her work. Prepare to be immersed in a fusion of genres and influences, as she seamlessly blends elements of Latin, jazz, and contemporary sounds.

To enjoy Leslie Cartaya’s latest masterpiece, head over to your favorite music streaming platforms, where you’ll find Relax! available for streaming and download. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of this incredible songstress.

Stay tuned for more updates from Leslie Cartaya as she continues to inspire us with her musical journey. Follow her on social media and subscribe to her official channels to be the first to hear about upcoming releases, performances, and exciting news.

Let’s celebrate Leslie Cartaya’s new release and join together in experiencing the beauty of her music. Congratulations to Leslie Cartaya on this remarkable achievement, and may her melodies bring joy and inspiration to all who listen.

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Disponible en: https://www.playandfollow.com/r/icmg/relax

Filmed at Miami Beach
Directed by Pachy Lopez – No Pares Entertainment
Choreographer: Maritza Espin
Yoel Antonio Zayas
Carlos Roque
Lidia Llanes
Daniela Bonachea

Composer: Leslie Cartaya
Lyrics: Leslie Cartaya
Arrangement: Orlando Mosqueda, Raymer Olalde, Leslie Cartaya
Producers: Leslie Cartaya, Raymer Olalde, Orlando Mosqueda, Edward Magdariaga, Robert Macuen.
Recording Engineers: Robert Macuen, Leslie Cartaya.
Mixed By: Robert Macuen
Mastered By: Mike Fuller
Recorded at No Pares Studios

Voz: Leslie Cartaya
Piano-Orlando Mosqueda
Bajo-Edward Magdariaga
Timbal, Conga – Raymer Olalde
Trompeta-Osvaldo Fleites
Saxo- Dr. Ed Calle
Trombon-Bayron Ramos
Guitarra Electrica-Ahmed Barroso
Coros: Leslie Cartaya, Raymer Olalde, Orlando Mosqueda, Arnedo “El Gordillo” Silva, Lilian Garcia, Arian Cruz

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