Blaq has created a shower scrub containing actual meteorite dust

Yes, really. First, it was the unicorn scrub. Now, we bring you a body scrub…

Yes, really.
First, it was the unicorn scrub.
Now, we bring you a body scrub formulated from actual meteors from outer space. Yes, really.
The aptly-named Blaq Meteor Shower Scrub is a blend of ingredient-activated charcoal and fragments of matter from the cosmos, to provide you with a gentle exfoliation and glow.
The scrub itself looks great and all but we can’t really get over the fact that it contains ACTUAL METEORITE DUST FROM OUTER SPACE.
Each pack even comes with its own unique code so you can check out where and when your space dust came from (ours was from a meteorite that crashed into Morocco).
This also means no two scrubs are the same, which is great because I don’t want to share my space dust with anyone else.
We’re not sure how you get into the business of mining meteorite dust, but we’re all about turning it into an iridescent shower scrub.
The future is now, people.
Check it out for yourself here.

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