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Disco goes Green


Feb 14, 2019
So for St.Patrick’s I thought I would search out tracks with the word Green in the title , not necessarily songs about the holiday itself, although I did find something called ” Molly Malones – The Irish Disco Album ” but really No signs of intelligent ” Disco” to be found in that compilation. To my disappointment I could only find three within the Disco genre.
” The Green Talisman ” Santa Esmeralda featuring Jimmy Goins on Vocals attempts to re-create the success and feel of ” Don’ Let Me Be Misunderstood ” ( featuring Leroy Gomez on vocals) and actually sounds very similar in it’s arrangements and instrumentation including a ” Taconaso” ( the sound a Flamenco dancer makes with their shoes) but Jimmy’s vocals although adequate in his hit ” Another Cha Cha ” here with The Green Talisman he falls short on delievering the intensity that Leroy would have brought to the table.
Green Talisman
Cory Daye former lead singer with Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band released her solo album in 1979 Cory And Me, on Tommy Mottola’s New York International Records label. The album included the Club classics “Green Light”, “Pow Wow” and the international hit “A Wiggle And A Giggle. “Green light” was an instant dance floor hit with it’s DJ friendly intro and Cory’s sultry and sophisticated vocals. The song’s updated Big Band sound was a disco dancers dream, not too fast ,not too slow, but just the right tempo to glide across the dance floor gracefully. A nice extended break was provided so Jocks could ” Ride” out in a nice long mix.
Although not 100% Disco I did play this at the clubs , so we’ll call it ” Honarable Mention” English Hi_NRG artist Hazell Dean entered the UK Singles Chart with the double A-sided single, “Evergreen” / “Jealous Love” which peaked at #63 in 1984
I’m sure we will come up with other Disco era songs with the word Green.

Cory Daye

Cory Daye

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