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About Digital DJ Tips
Digital DJ Tips is the biggest online DJ school in the world, with over 19,500 students in 163 countries across its DJ training courses. Digital DJ Tips training is suitable for anyone from casual, beginner DJs to those wanting to start full-time DJ businesses or become career DJ/producers.
Digital DJ Tips started off as a website documenting the emerging digital DJing scene back in 2010, quickly growing to become the world-leading website in DJ news, reviews, interviews. Via its 21 DJ training courses, it has since grown to be the biggest DJ school in the world.
Its two annual surveys – the Global DJ Census and the Mobile DJ Blueprint Survey – are by far the biggest of their type, and provide valued and up-to-date insights into the DJ world to both the DJ industry and consumers.
Digital DJ Tips is also behind The DJ Test, a unique online tool that helps DJs work out where they most need to improve, and offers them personalised free training based on their results.
With a following of over 850,000 on FacebookYouTubeInstagram and Twitter, the Digital DJ Tips community is the biggest, friendliest and most vibrant group of like-minded DJs in the world.
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Much has changed since 2010 both in the company and the DJ scene, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the company’s mission statement: To help as many people as possible become great DJs and DJ/producers.