Rachel Lynch

I think it’s important to mention the rate charged by a professional Event Host/DJ is not determined by the number of guests in attendance or how small the celebration is, but rather the experience and talent they bring.

Always. Using words like “micro”, “small” “intimate”, “relaxed”, “low key”, “little” etc. does not impact or lessen the amount of talent, work, and responsibility needed to deliver great outcomes.

Authentic and real experience is crucial in navigating once in a life time events. Price points should reflect a passionate professional who can do what is asked of them and deliver what they promised to a client confidently.

The total package of a great DJ goes beyond “just music and a few announcements.” It’s about not only getting the obvious details right, but the unspoken nuances too. The little things that were never thought of in the first place or outwardly mentioned. That’s our job. ❤️????????That’s what we do. ???? That’s ultimately what you pay for. ????????

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DJRachelLynch