by DJ Leo Miami

What is a Music Pool?

Music pools are music services that provide music for working DJs because of the growing demand for professional quality music. Music pools were created to provide working DJs first access to the latest music provided by major record labels. As a professional DJ it is your job to provide only the best quality music to your audience. Whether your audience is in a nightclub, listening to the radio or attending an even.

What is

Dj Ozz – Founder rises from the idea that talented Cuban DJs, Remixes & Producers needed a place to promote their remixes worldwide, For obvious reasons the country of Cuba is going through an internet access crisis and therefore promoting music is very limited. This Site gives the Cuban DJs, Remixes & Producers the opportunity to promote their remixes to DJs worldwide. opened its doors in 2012 with an overwhelming rate of acceptance in the DJ community. But due to technical problems it lasted about 6 months and reopened again in 2017 with greater strength. Among its talented team of DJs there are Remixers from all over the world from Miami, Chile, El Salvador, Toronto and of course Cuba to name a few. has thousands of DJ Subscribers from all around the world making it number one Music Pool in the world providing Cuban music remixes for DJs.

Dj PenielRemixer

Cuba Remixes has been a tremendous influence for Cuban music, for so many Cubans around the world and since Cuba remixes is the only page out of so many remix sales pages that is made up of only Cuban remixers are from Cuba. 99% of the Remixers are Cubans and 50% still reside in Cuba.

Dj OrlyRemixer

La influencia de las raíces y el patrimonio musical cubano que influye tremendamente al remixer una vez que logra traducir todo ese patrimonio en un remix. Para entender una canción cubana antes de remixarla es de gran ayuda no entender el género o la clave cubana, sino sentirla, de manera que al crecer y evolucionar a la vez que la mùsica cubana crece y evoluciona, pues le resulta más fácil para el remixer saber qué hacer, además de la importancia de la creatividad. Un detalle que yo, porque bailo como un animal consider importante, es traducir la música en baile. Si el DJ baila lo que mezcla, si su cuerpo entiende las freciencias, pues es un buen bonus.

DJ Manuel Padilla me ayuda a conocer más a fondo los diferentes géneros de la música cubana y de otros lados. Me ayuda también a escuchar las diferentes técnicas de mezclas que usan todos mis colegas de aquí y me ayuda a conocer otro universo musical.