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Stage Right by Monoprice SRD210 800W 10-inch Powered Speaker with Class D Amp, DSP, and Bluetooth Streaming


with Class D amp, DSP, and Bluetooth® streaming

Speakers are the focal point of any sound system and reliable, high performance portable speakers are key when building a live performance PA. What matters when selecting speakers for a portable live sound system? Power, sound, and reliability. With the SRD series, Stage Right™ delivers all three core elements and then some in good live‑sound speakers. Featuring a Class D power amp, a digital sound processor (DSP), and Bluetooth® streaming, SRD speakers bring the features necessary to build a truly professional PA, at an incredible, prosumer friendly price. Stage Right SRD speakers bridge the gap between high performance professional sound and market leading affordability.

Stage Right by Monoprice ix4B 4-Channel Live Sound and Recording Mixer with Bluetooth, USB, and Effects

Versatile live sound mixer with USB recording, effects, and Bluetooth® audio

Designed to be versatile, yet simple and easy to use, the Stage Right™ ix4B 4‑Channel Live Sound and Recording Mixer includes all of the must‑have features that make modern live sound and recording mixers useful and worthwhile. Each of the two mono channels feature combination XLR/TRS connector for mic or line input, with individual +48V phantom power options for each channel. The stereo channel features a Bluetooth® input option, so you can stream stereo audio wirelessly, rather than adding unnecessary cable connections. The built‑in analog‑to‑digital converter (ADC) and USB connection allows you to record directly to your computer, which is a feature found only on high‑end mixers at several times the price. The Stage Right™ ix4B 4‑Channel Live Sound and Recording Mixer is simply the best, most versatile, easy to use mixer designed for all common live sound or recording applications.

Xvive U3 Plug-on Microphone Wireless System Wireless XLR for Dynamic Microphone Audio Mixer, PA System and DSLR Camera

About this item

  • ????-Wireless XLR transmitter and receiver, 2.4GHz band is optimal for Microphone wireless, Solid RF connection over a 90 feet range(normal),uncompressed wireless signal transmission, low noise and latency.Up to 107 dB signal-to-noise ratio provides clear, detailed audio at any volume. High Resolution 24-bit/48kbps audio. Broad 20Hz-20KHz frequency response. Dynamic Rang 107 dB.
  • ????-The Xvive Audio U3 mic wireless system aims to take the complexity and frustration, out of traditional wireless microphone systems. Creating a flexible, all-in-one solution that makes any your favorite microphones into wireless,ensures good performance for your every show.

HALO Bolt Compact Portable Car Jump Starter – Car Battery Jump Starter with 2 USB Ports to Charger Devices, Portable Car Charger – Silver Graphite

About this item

  • Portable Car Jump Starter – The HALO Bolt can jump start a full-sized car or SUV. Whether you left your headlights on or are just being a good Samaritan, the HALO Bolt gets you back on the road in minutes.
  • LED Flood Light – Don’t be left in the dark! The HALO Bolt Compact has a bright, LED floodlight built-in. It’s perfect for changing a tire on a dark road or for finding the pen at the bottom of your purse.
  • Built-In Safety Features – Featuring reverse polarity protection, short circuitry protection, and auto power off, the HALO Bolt Compact is designed to be safe. Jumper cables with spark protection keep you and your car from becoming a light show.