Carlos Faroy – Mi Religion es Salsa

DJ Alex Gutierrez
If Issac Delgado and Luis Enrique had a musical baby it would sound like Carlos Faroy, now wait a minute THAT’S A COMPLIMENT !! Delgado’s bouncy delivery and Enrique’s crisp sound come together as one .Carlos’s silky smooth vocal make every track on his latest album a call back to the early 90s ” Salsa Romantica” era with obvious traces of contemporary Cuban arrangements .On this production Carlos utilized some heavy musical hitters such as  trumpet player Adalberto Lara (Irakere),  Trombonist  Lázaro González (Los Van Van, Adalberto y su son) and  Pianist, arranger and musical director Carlos Infante (Niño Jesús Alejandro).
On of my favorites tracks  on this collection( and the cut I recommend to my fellow DJs)  is ” Eres Arte en el Amor” a beautiful mid tempo straight on salsa track with all the elements that would have made it a hit back in the hey day of Salsa music and today if we could get the attention of some program directors.Music like this belongs  on Latin radio stations , who ignore an entire segment of Latin Music fans who LOVE Salsa and want to hear something else beside Marc Anthony ( not that there’s anything wrong with you Marc, but brothers gotta eat too ! )  But don’t lose hope , courageous DJs can begin to program this track immediately at their events and nightclubs. Take a Chance on playing this track at your next event, I guarantee your true salsa dancers won’t be disappointed!!