Alex Gutierrez

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In 1976 I bought two BSR Belt driven Turntables with no pitch control and a Radio Shack microphone mixer mixer with no
CUE, with money I had saved working as a busboy at a restaurant. I was the “man “!! Well at least I thought I was . I had been
to a party where instead of everyone bringing their own records (with their name written all over those 45 rpm records in bold
black ink)  There was an actual guy with his own stuff in a corner playing the records for you. Of course you didn’t know what he
was playing because he covered the label with black tape. Oh,and he was getting paid $15.00. I wanted to do what that guy
did. I became his friend ,George Valdes,never saw him after Jr.high School,but he started me out by giving me the Trammp’s ”
That’s where the Happy people Go ” on Atlantic Records. Showed me what ” mixing ” was,showed me where to cut my hair
( Hair Fantasy ) showed me that Pierre Cardin cologne was better than Jovan musk oil. But most important he showed me that
a DJ can’t be taught ,it has to come from within,you have to feel the music.
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