Our story starts way back

Founded in January 23, 2013

Who we are

The South Florida DJ Association was created with the intention of uniting South Florida nightclub and mobile DJs. It is a meeting place for DJs to exchange ideas, talk about equipment, events and all things DJ related. and to also discover new local Artists and promote new music.

For DJs & Artists

We make sure that all of our members are top notch individuals, from a talent perspective as well as professional. Your Event is important and we are here to assist you in selecting the right match for you. We network with local DJ’s, producers, and veterans and help each other in our profession.

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Join our discussion forum with any feedback, ideas, comments, questions, or even just to talk about you Dj experiences.

This group is for DJs made by DJs. This is a private facebook group and only DJs and Artists are members

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The South Florida DJ Association was created by Club and Radio DJ Alex Gutierrez with the help of Leo Perez and many other DJs that have lend a hand through the years to form this wonderful group of DJs.