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Alex Gutierrez from the Heart


May 4, 2023

Alex Gutierrez

There was a transition period there where we still had to use records but more and more new music was only available on CD, so we had to take both to the clubs ( pictured here at Alcazaba when the DJ Booth was right in the middle) The Denon DJ dual CD ( 2000F ) was out of reach cost wise for most DJs at the time and it was difficult to “mix” between formats Many of us tried to resist the transition from Vinyl to CD.,

The cover art, the liner notes , the physical interaction with our records were things we were going to miss, twirling the record right before we would put in on the turntable was an art form and part of DJ Culture of the time ( now they just touch random knobs ) but technology won.

Few of us locally lived those times. The Club DJ was important , the way people danced, dressed was all influenced by the music the DJ played at his club. Crowds expected you ( the DJ ) to serve them music they never heard before that in two weeks would become their favorite song.

We had those songs that no one else played that our audience loved. But once again Technology won , radio began playing the same songs over and over and people wanted the same at the clubs. A few of us from those eras that are still active adhere to the codes of the past while embracing the technology that is available ,we seek out our own audiences so the we can continue to ” play from the heart” for the Love of Music and not just be a ” Glorified Jukebox” ………” Sorry I don’t play BAD BUNNY but I do have Bunny Sigler