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Jackery 550 Review


Jan 24, 2023

by Rachel Lynchhttps://www.facebook.com/djrachel.lynch

Now more than ever, I’m being asked to provide sounds for unique locations with limited power options or complicated cable runs. While there are some great battery-powered speakers, like the EVERSE-8, some events require larger sound. I have paired my Jackery 550 with my Electro-Voice 30M and 50 to make an insanely convenient battery power system.

In the video, I review the Jackery 550 and show how I’ve incorporated it into a solid battery solution when providing sound in areas without power and events that normally require long cable runs. While there is better battery technology available now and other brands out there, I got this for a GREAT deal, so that’s why I grabbed it. I wish I had done it sooner. 😬

Video Discussion:

πŸ”‹Battery Why You Need a Jackery

πŸ”‹Pros and Cons of the 550

πŸ”‹DJ Alexa Hack

πŸ”‹Using the Jackery in Extreme Temperatures

πŸ”‹Evolve 30M Time Test

πŸ”‹Evolve 50 Time Test

πŸ”‹Max Load Test

πŸ”‹Power Limits and Consumption

πŸ”‹Jakery vs. Everse 8