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Sonlokos – En la Calle


May 22, 2022

We the South Florida DJ Association with over 2000 DJs in South Florida are proud to present to you Sonlokos latest production Sonlokos En La Calle. Promotion copy is available for DJs Only. Contact us for your DJ Promotional copy.

In Just 10 years after presenting their debut Locos Por El Son, the group Sonlokos returns with their second and most recent musical production “Sonlokos En La Calle”. Created in Miami by the Cuban timbalero Raymer Olalde outline a musical discourse that includes all the Cuban Rhythms -changüí, nengon, traditional Cuban son, son montuno, conga from Santiago, guaracha, Rumba- and seasons them with modern and urban beats, typical of Miami city, a multicultural pot where these rhythms are cooked.

Sonlokos “En la Calle”

Voz: Joaquin Diaz
Timbal/Director/Productor: Raymer Olalde
Bajo/Productor: Edward Magdariaga
Tres/Laud: Janier Lopez
Congas: Rafaa Cuba
Trompeta: Roinel Vega

Productores: Raymer Olalde, Edward Magdariaga, Leslie Cartaya, Landy Mosqueda, Bobby Macuen.
Ingenieros de Grabacion: Bobby Macuen, Leslie Cartaya.
Mezcla y Masterizacion: Bobby Macuen.
Asistentes de Produccion: Zummy Oro, Omer Pardillo, Ariel Fernandez.
Graficos y Diseño: Ray Cabello
Grabado en No Pares Studios Bajo No Pares Records.
Management: PMS Entertainment
Publisher: No Pares Entertainment.
Raymer Olalde es Patrocinado por Toca Percussion y Dennys Savon “Papacho” es Patrocinado por LP Percussion.