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Twitter has talks to Acquire Clubhouse


Apr 8, 2021

By now everyone has probably heard of the newest social (talk) app “ClubHouse”. Currently at the time of writing this article it is still an invite-only iOS app that has managed to get over 10 million downloads in just 1 year. Honestly no app has been this exciting in a very long time. 


Every other social media network has seen the threat of users flocking to this platform and is rushing to copy the features. Obviously Clubhouse is not for every one, but it is a genuine way to connect with others that share the same interest in real time. I believe this is mashup of Live Talk Radio, Podcast, and the ability to have Live interaction instantly from an audience. Simple yet groundbreaking. In fact going back to my initial comment that everyone wants a piece of this new category “Social Audio”,  Twitter is launching Twitter Spaces, Facebook (yesterday tested Hotline), LinkedIn, Discord ( launched their own version already ), Spotify, Mark Cuban is in closed beta testing Fireside, and Slack are working on their own attempts at Clubhouse competitors. This space is about to get real busy. Who will win?


This is interesting since twitter has been running Beta on Twitter Spaces for quite some time now (only about 10,000 to 15,000 account can create rooms at the moment but anyone can join the conversations.) Now the info has been released that twitter wanted to acquire Clubhouse for $4 Billion ! They are nearly weeks away from a full scale launch of Twitter spaces why would they want to acquire Clubhouse. (Integration into their own system?? or shut it down?) What this brings to light is that they feel Clubhouse is worth 4 Billion and that Clubhouse did not want to sell leading to the conclusion that Clubhouse founders have a good vision of where their product is heading. I’m rooting for clubhouse to stay king of Social Audio as i love the app and bounce around rooms all day while working. So much content and people willing to share their knowledge are currently populating the app at its current state. Just Last week i came close to 96 hours in 6 days on the app. ???? 


Clubhouse releases almost bi-weekly updates and the founders are listening to its users to implement the most wanted features but carefully calculating every move. They hold a Townhall Meeting room every week. (Usually Sundays at 12pm EST for 1 hour to discuss the progress of the week in app development and answer the most asked questions and concerns the users of the platform have.)


The latest Clubhouse update introduced monetization for the content creators. Basically a send money button in the bio so that if you are giving out great content the audience or anyone can send you a tip. Clubhouse WILL NOT TAKE A CUT!!! 100% goes to the content creators on the app and the small transaction fee is charged to the person sending the money. This is groundbreaking as no company has ever valued the user creating the content that makes or breaks their platform. This could be the right step in keeping the top users on the app from going to competing services as they launch. Clubhouse has been working around the clock to release the android version of the app which is estimated for an early May release, we are weeks away from a whole new set of users from all over the world. It will be an extremely interesting space to watch in the next few months and see where this all goes and what new updates are released.


If you are on Clubhouse be sure to follow me and join the 2 Clubs I admin on the platform so far. If you need an invite and currently have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) DM me on instagram @djricky305 with clubhouse and your phone#. If and when i get more invites i can add you to the platform.


Clubhouse info:
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