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DDJ-1000SRT-White released in late October


Oct 2, 2019

Pioneer DJ Co., Ltd. will release the white color model “ DDJ-1000SRT-W ” of the “DJ-1000SRT” 4ch performance DJ controller for “Serato DJ Pro” in late October 2019.
The base model “ DDJ-1000SRT ” (released in August 2019) is equipped with the same operation interface as “CDJ-2000NXS2” and “DJM-900NXS2”. This is a dedicated DJ controller for “Serato DJ Pro” that meets the needs of performing. In addition to mounting the color “On Jog Display” on the large size jog, the DJM series “MAGVEL FADER” is used to achieve DJ performance including scratches as desired.
The new DDJ-1000SRT-W uses a glossy brilliant white acrylic top panel in the mixer and a satin silver aluminum top panel in the player. Stylish and elegant design that matches the interior.
* “DDJ-1000SRT-W” is compatible with “Serato DJ Pro” provided by Serato Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Serato”) and can only be connected to a PC / Mac with “Serato DJ Pro” installed. So you can use it immediately. Please use the latest version of “Serato DJ Pro” before using.