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Lucy Grau & Rojitas – Si Piensas, Si Quieres


Sep 23, 2019

Lucy Grau is one of the best salsa singers currently in Miami. She has recorded a duet with Cuban Jorge Luis Rojas “aka Rojitas”, who made his career in Cuba but now lives in Canada.
The song is “Si piensas, si quieres” which in 1991 was recorded by Roberto Carlos and Rocío Dúrcal.
Lucy Says in one of her interviews “We met a little over a year ago, there was a mutual professional admiration and we immediately had a very special chemistry that led us to realize this project.”

SFDJA Magazine October 2019
Lucy Grau & Rojitas Cover SFDJA Magazine Oct 2019

In the same tone, Rojitas says that the recording of “Si piensas, si quieres” with Lucy “was fabulous from the beginning” and adds that it “came out as they expected.”
DMH Magazine says, “Lucy Grau is not an ordinary singer, she has a powerful voice, unique personality and stage presence and unmatched. Lucy is one of the few performers of tropical music that has the versatility of singing in English and Spanish which is something that highlights her. She has shared the stage with one of the most sought-after singers of the tropical genre such as Eddie Santiago, India, Roberto Torres, José Alberto «El Canario», Carlos Oliva, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, among others. Her interpretation of Donna Summer’s songs, “Last Dance” and “On the Radio” (Salsa Version), have become a favorite of her followers.”
“Rojitas on the other hand is a Cuban singer-songwriter, known as “La Voz de Oro de Cuba”, became very popular during his time as one of the main voices of the Adalberto Álvarez orchestra and his son. Before moving to Toronto, Rojitas lived in England and Japan, where he says Cuban music is very popular. «If I had to define myself musically, I would say that I am a mixture of everything and I don’t like to typecast myself. I don’t know if it’s for good or for worse, but I either like to sing a Cuban son or sing a Beatles song. Rojita said.
The music video on YouTube.


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