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MP Drumzz


Sep 20, 2019

Miami New Times calls him “Not your typical drummer, He has a unique drumming style that synchronizes with modern music. He has the ability to play along to any music genre with high energy, and brining the party people to their feet.” Macbeth Proenza, aka MPdrumzz, has trained as a percussionist/drummer his entire life and has played with top musicians and DJ’s worldwide. This versatile live percussionist has dexterous rhythms and explosive beats which have drawn crowds large enough to pack some of America’s largest venues. His style has its own distinctive sound and is full of vivacious energy and is sure to have audiences on their feet well into the night. Whether you’re looking for a live percussionist to accompany a DJ, percussion for an event, or an interactive workshop, MPdrumzz can provide the perfect entertainment for your needs.