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Interview with Alex Gutierrez


Sep 17, 2019

DJ Alex Gutierrez is a DJ Veteran from Miami spinning at many local clubs in Miami from the years (1976-to present). I had the pleasure of meeting Alex Gutierrez back in March 2013 through friends that knew him. I was familiar with his work from listening to local radio station El Zol 95 and his reputation with other DJs. I was always curious to find out the motivation and secrets to his longevity in the South Florida Music scene. So I decided to ask him for myself.
From Alex Gutierrez:
I started the South Florida Association facebook group in January 23, 2013. The late Radio DJ Mike in the Night and I  had witnessed and been subjected to a lot of backstabbing in the DJ community.We thought a group like this could benefit us all.
It started as a small group of around 30 or so DJs. Basically we hung out( On FB ) together and talked about music, talked about technology, equipment, at times we joked around a little bit and it was basically like a tree house where we all hung out. Little by little we started getting more and more members, the conversations became a little more detailed and more serious about the various aspects and challenges that we all face in the DJ industry. After only 3 months we grew to 300 and couple months after that we were 500 members.
Soon after that, we had our first Jam Session which we code named “Sam Sessions” because the sessions were done at Sam Ash dolphin mall on a small stage that they had. Thanks to Leo Perez that contacted Ermes Sorondo (Dj Department manager at the time) and together they got us the stage for the DJ members to perform.”
I guess Sam Ash saw the value of having a large group of Djs & Artists at the store and their accessibility to be able to deliver a product straight into their hands.
Yes, remember that we had sessions running on a monthly basis and soon we also did Sam Sessions at the Miami Lakes store thanks to a contact through Jorge Santana.
We also had local Artists perform their first single debut. Artist like Leslie Cartaya, Tony Gundin and his Hora Loca. We also had Artists that showed their support – Lucy Grau, Melina Almodovar, Rudy Gil, Leo Vela, Maria Cristina (Super Q), Raymer Olalde.
We now have chapters in Mid Florida and South West Florida with more than 2000 DJ members mostly all Florida.
This was all accomplished by the help of many members that have put their time and efforts into the group. We can now say that we are one big family, constantly working towards uniting the DJ community