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DJs Giving Back


Jun 28, 2019

We are Dj’s Giving Back!

We are First In Class to provide service and assistance for up and coming and/or well established Foundations through our passion, Music, and it’s therapeutic effects.
It is refreshing to find individuals such as Eddy Ortega and William Lara who share the passion and respect of DJing that we do here at the South Florida DJ Association . I had the pleasure of sitting down with these two gentlemen and discussing and creating a plan to where we would like to see our Associations go in the future. I was impressed their organization ” DJs Giving Back” which volunteers and helps worthy causes around our community,. I immediately embraced their vision which was something we’ve done in the past but lacked motivated personnel such as Eddy and William. The idea that as DJs we can come together and pool our resources to do good. It is with great pleasure that I officially announce our partnership. | FACEBOOK PAGE |
Board Members: Eddy Ortega, William Lara, Rey Hernandez, Al Ybarra, DJ Rocco