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Nicecast has been retired


Mar 4, 2019

Nicecast has been retired

We recommend migrating to Audio Hijack for a modern broadcasting setup.


Nicecast was retired from active development in early 2018 and will receive no further updates. While existing customers can continue to use Nicecast on supported systems, changes Apple makes to future MacOS updates will undoubtedly break Nicecast. If you wish to continue using Nicecast, you must avoid updating the OS on any production environments.

Migrating to Audio Hijack

We recommend that Nicecast users migrate to a modern broadcasting setup, powered by our utility Audio Hijack. It’s fully supported and in active development, and nearly all the functionality Nicecast had with many additional features and improvements as well.
If you’ve never used Audio Hijack 3 before, download the free trial and test out the Broadcast block. If you already own Audio Hijack, just be sure you’ve got the latest version to get started. Either way, we can’t wait to hear how Audio Hijack helps your broadcasts. Please get in touch with any questions or comments!

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