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Which Freestyle Song Best Describes You According to your Birth Month?


Feb 15, 2019

Freestyle Music has always been popular all over the world. Radio Stations such as REWIND 1039( Listen Here )  keep promoting this great style that originated from the streets…So what month were you born? Does that month’s song fit your personality?
January – Cheap Thrills – Planet Patrol
February – I’ll Be ll You Ever Need – Trinere
March – Perfect Lover – Company B
April – Take Me as I Am – Erotic Exotic
May – Come Get My Love – TKA
June – Fallen Angel – Coro
July – Take It While It’s Hot – Sweet Sensation
August – Play at Your Own Risk – Planet Patrol
September – You’ll Never Find – & More
October – Precious Little Diamond – Fox the Fox
November – Come Go With Me – Expose
December – I Won’t Stop Loving You – C- Bank