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The DJ FLEA MARKET is born


Jan 28, 2019

The term “Flea market” comes from the French marché aux puces, a name originally given to a market in Paris which specialized in ragged second-hand goods of the kind that might contain fleas. The earliest English use  dates from 1922.
Alex Gutierrez” It was an idea, that DJ Leo Perez and myself had kicked around for a while but it   required motivated individuals who could assist us in the planning stages . Enter Eddy Ortega and William Lara. We had never met in person because of our busy DJ schedules, but one evening we decided to make it happen. After just a few minutes we knew these gentlemen were on the same wavelength and shared the vision of unity and brotherhood among DJs that we promote here at South Florida DJ Association . Most DJs are equipment ” hoarders” so we knew that in all of our garages , closets and storage spaces there was tons of used DJ equipment just waiting to be snatched up by jocks who were on a limited budget, or those that love a bargain.
We picked Sunday since that usually is slow day for gigs . We were pleasantly surprised at the response and variety of gear offered at the event. ” We believe we have tapped into a market , and we will be planning more of these in the future ” says Ortega  ” After seeing all the bargains that were there , I think most DJs will definitely not miss our next one ”  commented Lara
Your feedback is welcomed and Oh, by the way…not a flea in sight