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Mobile Beat


Jan 15, 2019


Who reads Mobile Beat online and in print and attends Mobile Beat events? DJs, VJs and KJs to start with, especially those who own and operate mobile entertainment services. They provide music, video, lighting and a myriad other entertainment choices for corporate events, wedding receptions, dances and innumerable other gatherings. Anywhere people want to celebrate with music and dancing, you’ll find mobile entertainers leading the festivities. Mobile Beat is also a favorite of interactive entertainers as well as other music and technology enthusiasts. Mobile entertainers can go just about anywhere to bring the party to the people, and Mobile Beat aims to provide them with the information and inspiration they need to get the job done with style.
Each Mobile Beat issue overflows with photos and reviews of the latest gear for mobile entertainers. Readers count on the publication for practical tips they can use to put more money in their pockets. Each issue presents a tasty spread of articles designed to help improve performances, boost bookings and make business more efficient.
Mobile Beat is available globally through the digital edition online. In addition to Mobile Beat: The Mobile Entertainers Magazine, Mobile Beat also produces the annual Mobile Beat Las Vegas event.  More information on those events can be found on the Mobile Beat website.  These trade shows bring together thousands of DJs every year with industry members in a combination of seminars, networking, parties and an exhibit floor.
Mobile Beat’s online properties include the blog driven MobileBeat.Com website, and it’s conversation news and networking site at Start.MobileBeat.Com.  These sites originally established in 1995 under the previous ProDJ.Com web address are the leading community websites for the Mobile DJ industry.