• Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Lucy Grau


Aug 20, 2018

True vocals, true personality, and true performance skills is the only way to describe the charismatic and talented singer from Miami, Lucy Grau! With all the elements of a marquee vocalist, Lucy has delivered breathtaking and body chilling performances, domestically and internationally.
She has found her niche amongst the other feminine talents in the tropical music genre. Not only does she possess a powerful voice, she is also a master at easily switching from English to Spanish while keeping her Latin rhythm as she proves in her hits “Last Dance” and “On The Radio” (Salsa Version), the Donna Summer classics she chose as a rendition to the late singer and one of Lucy’s all-time favorite idols.
Lucy has shared the stage with many talented artists and musicians. Here are just a few that you may know; Roberto Torres, La India, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Andy Garcia, Tito Nieves, Eddie Santiago, Miles Pena, Los Bravos de la Fania, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Adalberto Santiago and Luigi Texidor, among others.
A true favorite, Lucy is known as the singer’s singer. It’s so easy to feel when you experience a live performance where she hypnotizes you with her contagious personality and unique style.