Juniors Band Dancing Salsa in Africa

Jul 21, 2020

DJ Alex Gutierrez / SFDJA / Miami

Recorded by the American rock band TOTO  in 1981, for their fourth studio album TOTO IV. Africa is is a song that has been remade countless of times , most recently by the band Weezer in 2018.who introduced the track to millennials. It was even sampled ( sort of ) by Pitbull for his contribution to the ” Aquaman ” soundtrack ( The track is titled ‘Ocean to Ocean’ and sees Pitbull duetting with Rhea) with laughable results.

Now Africa receives the ” Salsa” treatment by local group Junior’s Band , who had several hits back in the 90s as ” Miami’s Band ” I was fortunate enough to do several remixes for them and was able to hear up close and personal what great musicians are part of this band.

The arrangements are extremely faithful to Toto’s original song , the latin vibe works well for this track and the results are an upbeat salsa track that will be embraced by all just on the familiarity alone. Lots of positive DJ comments on this one !! Check it out !!

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